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Class Preview: Scavenger

With the abilities wrapping up, and the demo release getting that much closer, I thought I’d give a preview of one of the possible classes I just finished making. I’m only about half way done all the icons for each ability tree (150 in total!), but its been a while since the last time I posted, so just imagine some really awesome looking icons when you see blank squares. Anyways, the class for today’s post is the Scavenger, a melee tank class.


While every class can use a variety of weapons, the Scavenger’s abilities are much more suited for melee combat. With naturally high Guts and Brains, this lets him take more damage and dish out just as much (in the way of abilities, anyways). This can also lead to interesting play styles. For example, a Guts-focused Scavenger would be able to take a huge amount of damage but wont be able to use his abilities to their full potential, while a Brains-focused Scavenger would be able to take and deal a huge amount of damage, but only while he has energy.


 His first ability tree, Robotics, summons a robot that follows you, attacking nearby enemies. It can be upgraded to deal additional damage, change to a burst fire mechanic, stun with shock damage, and finally launch high explosive grenades. This makes it useful for quickly clearing out many weaker enemies with its burst fire and grenades, or helping you deal with trickier foes by stunning them.

His second ability tree, Defense, Creates a shield around the player, absorbing some of the damage taken and dealing it to your energy pool instead. It can be upgraded to increase the % damage absorbed, how much energy it takes to absorb a point of damage, giving it a chance to shock attackers, and finally creating a shockwave when the ability ends or the shield breaks. This ability is perfect for getting close and personal, allowing you to take much more damage then you normally would, as well as stunning and dealing extra damage to enemies that attack you. Putting points into the shields efficiency makes this skill that much better for high-Guts players that wont have as much energy. Lastly this gives the player a chance to fall back if your shield goes down, as the shock damage gives a chance to stun enemies.

The Scavenger’s final ability tree, Weapon Mods, lets the player overcharge his weapon, increasing attack speed and adding shock damage to each attack. It can be upgraded to increase shock damage dealt, add a chance to deal AoE shock damage, increase crit chance and crit damage, and finally applying this buff to your allies. As this ability doesn’t increase your reload speed (at least not initially), It is much more effective with melee weapons and weapons that don’t need to be reloaded often. It is especially effective with fast attacking weapons, as it increases the chance of dealing AoE damage. Even if you don’t put many points into this tree, having this apply to allies as well can give you a quick damage boost during swarms and boss fights.

Well that’s about it for the Scavenger class, which you will hopefully be able to try for yourselves later this month!